Be a Fun Mom!

As a mom, have you ever been considered the silly one in your family? As for me, well, sometimes. But most of the time, I’m the strict/killjoy one and my husband is always the good/silly guy.

While instilling discipline to your children is one of our key jobs as a parent, there are times when we should just have fun and enjoy the company of our kids without thinking about anything.

Having said that, here are some tips that I have learned and gathered from my many years as a mom on how to be a “fun mom”. Hope you find them interesting and useful!

  • Don’t worry about the potential mess and cleanup!

Well, you should worry if it will be a permanent mess/damage but if it’s just something minor and easy to clean up, don’t worry about it. It’s more important to enjoy the moment with your kids and have fun with them.

Bake something with them and let them do the dirty and fun stuff, build forts or tents, paint with your hands and feet on paper, anything really, the sillier, the better as these are the best. Afterwards, you can clean up together. This actually kills 2 birds with 1 stone, you have fun with them and teach them that they should clean after themselves.

  • Let them enjoy getting wet outside!

If they are still very young, getting wet outside will be one of the most fun that they will have and you should let them! Bring out the sprinklers and play in your backyard or you can buy one of those inflatable pools and let them enjoy it. Another fun activity is playing with water guns and just get silly.

  • Play a character every now and then

This is simple, play a character every now and then and stay in character for a while. For example, when it’s time for their stories, you can read with an accent or use different voices for different characters. This sounds silly but it works.

The kids will laugh at you and then soon after, they will try to imitate you or if it’s a hit, they’ll request it more often. Also, don’t limit this at home, when you go out, you can try staying in character and don’t be shy, people might laugh at you but who cares, as long as your kids are enjoying it.

Well, there you have it, some tips that I can share to be considered a “fun mom”. These are very simple to do and have had positive reactions, at least from my children. Being a silly mom is one of the best things that you can do for your children because when they grow up, they will remember this side of you more and these memories will be precious for them.

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